Monday, April 11, 2011

The brain mosaic

I have a new paper coming out entitled "Mosaic evolution of brainstem motor nuclei in catarrhine primates." The paper is coauthored with Chet Sherwood and will appear in a special issue of the new open access journal Anatomy Research International. Here's the abstract:
Facial motor nucleus volume co-evolves with both social group size and primary visual cortex volume in catarrhine primates as part of a specialized neuroethological system for communication using facial expressions. Here we examine whether facial nucleus volume also co-evolves with functionally unrelated brainstem motor nuclei (trigeminal motor and hypoglossal) due to developmental constraints. Using phylogenetically informed multiple regression analyses of previously published brain component data, we demonstrate that facial nucleus volume is not correlated with the volume of other motor nuclei after controlling for medulla volume. Our results show that brainstem motor nuclei can evolve independently of other developmentally linked structures in association with specific behavioral ecological conditions. This finding provides additional support for the mosaic view of brain evolution.
The title of the special issue is New models and insights into primate evolutionary morphology. The editors are Anne Burrows, Kathleen Muldoon and Adam Sylvester.

*UPDATE 4/18/11: Click here to download the PDF.