Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Psych Science article

I have a new paper coming out in Psychological Science with Sara Khan, William Levine, and Jerald Kralik. The title of our brief report is: "Red signals dominance in male rhesus macaques." In the paper, we present the first experimental evidence that red signals dominance in nonhuman primates. Our results reveal that male monkeys would rather steal food from humans wearing blue or green than from humans wearing red.  A similar predisposition in humans may explain the advantage conferred by wearing red in combat sports.

*UPDATE 6/9/11: The official psych science press release is now online and making the rounds on the interwebs.

*UPDATE 8/17/11: This paper appears in the August 2011 issue. Contact me for a PDF.

Behavior 2011

I'm presenting at this year's joint meeting of the Animal Behavior Society and the International Ethological Conference as part of a symposium entitled "Does social complexity influence communicative complexity?" My talk is entitled "Does social complexity drive the evolution of primate facial expression?" The symposium is organized by Todd M. Freeberg, Indrikis Krams, and Cecilia Kullberg.

*UPDATE 5/29/11: This symposium will be associated with a special issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B scheduled for mid-2012 release.